iTunes accounts 'hijacked' 

Cybercriminals have been hijacking the accounts of Apple's iTunes customers for months, according to a report.

Hackers usually perpetrate the fraud by changing the password and email address on an account - and then use the account to make several high-value purchases, The Register says.

One user of iTunes, who told the website he had fallen victim to fraud, advised readers not to link their account number and other card details to their iTunes accounts in order to better protect themselves.

Meanwhile, Andrew Goodwill, director of credit card fraud security specialist The 3rd Man, told the news provider that iTunes needs to strengthen its anti-fraud system.

He suggested that payment card details obtained elsewhere could have been used to make the fraudulent purchases referred to by the iTunes user who had contacted the website.

A survey recently published by The 3rd Man and suggested that for every incident of card-not-present credit card fraud in the UK a further eight attempts go unreported.